Thursday, May 8, 2014

I finished my exams today. 

And I'm quite speechless, to be honest. 
Because I'm so thankful for the journey that's finally over. 
My heart still swells. 

The Lord is sweet, I tell you. 
And these years have been good. 
If you had told me 4 or even 5 years ago that I would be where I am today, I don't think I could have believed you. My plans for myself were too concrete. 
That's what I love about the Lord's plans - they sweep us off our feet and pull us into more grand adventures than we could ever imagine for ourselves. 
I feel so undeserving. And I'm so very excited for the future - for those unknown, unplanned adventures ahead. Because I know that such a faithful God could show nothing but more faithfulness as more seasons come and go.
That's just who He is -  always so good. 

And I'm so thankful. 

"He has made everything beautiful in it's time." 
Ecclesiastes 3:11


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