Wednesday, April 2, 2014

a weekend.

 You know it's been a good weekend when you wake up Monday morning, and feel like you just woke up from a wonderful dream. 

That's how last weekend was - one great thing after another. 

On Saturday, we found ourselves at the Children's Home, yet again. 

I absolutely love it there. 
I don't think it ever gets old. 

The kids are starting to actually look forward to our visits, and when we arrived this time, several of them leaped into my arms and hugged me so tightly! 

My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest with happiness:) 

We did spring-time crafts with them, and ran around until everyone was tired and sweaty...and then, at the very end of it all, we brought out Bo-chan. 
Because what trip is complete without a celebrity entrance from the great Bobie??

And like most people, the kids absolutely fell in LOVE with her. 

And then came the fascination with Padre's bald head. 
I don't know if Japanese kids don't see bald heads very often, or if this was just the whitest bald head they'd ever seen...but for some reason, all the kids could not stop stroking and staring at poor Padre's hairless head! There were countless pictures taken of it, comments made on it's smoothness, and it was rubbed like a crystal ball. 
Poor Padre. 
He really loved it. 
Just watch. He'll be the next big celebrity in Japan. 

And then, we drove South to one of our favorite beaches to beckon in Spring and the diving season with a beach day and bonfire. 

And guys, I wore shorts. 
It was warm enough to wear shorts. 
A M E N. 

We lazed around on the beach all afternoon while the boys dove - becoming reacquainted with our old stomping grounds, and collecting all the sea glass we missed over the wintertime. 
And when the boys finally got out of the frigid water, we warmed up by our driftwood bonfire and feasted on our freshly caught oysters. 
It was one of those moments in time you wish you could freeze. 
Because it was absolutely perfect. 

The whole weekend was perfect. 

It was absolutely filled to the brim with perfect moments...and I can't tell if I was just blessed with a mass accumulation of them, or if I am simply learning to identify the simple, most beautiful things in life. 
It was probably a little bit of both.
Regardless, this weekend was much most of them are. 
And It was quite lovely, if I do say so myself. 

So, I'm thankful for this weekend - for the moments of blessing and the moments of just staring and appreciating. 

I hope I never cease to seek for moments like these. 

Because this life is so incredibly beautiful when you look at it. 

- G


  1. this makes my heart so happy and i really want to visit japan. like now.
    also all those presh little faces. squeal

  2. Please do! They would love to see you:)


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