Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dear Lord,

- Dear Lord, school has started again. Where has my summer gone?!
-  Dear Lord, I'm learning Japanese with the high-school! It's only been two classes, and I already can write most of the alphabet and read most words. I'm so excited to begin this language while we're living in Japan! Please help me to adapt to this new way of speaking, and please help Mick to not be so embarrassed when I brake out in random verses of the Japanese song we're learning:) I know he likes it!
- Dear Lord, I've begun to play tennis! I've never played before, but I'm learning, and I must say that I'm liking it quite a lot:) Give me the humility and the strength to learn these new skills from people who win championships on a regular basis.
-  Lord, The food here is going to be the death of me. All I'm ever craving is's all I can think about when I'm hungry and I just want to go to that Sushi go-round on Route 2 and stuff my face. This obsession is unhealthy, I tell you. Unhealthy.
- Dear Lord, if you could make it possible for me to have excused absences at school, paid airfare and a clear schedule for the last few weeks in October and the first week in November, I would be so so happy. Mumford and Sons is playing in Cairns, Australia that week.
 That would be so lovely, Lord.
- Dear Lord, I miss all my friends back in the states. I feel like they should all be here with me to experience all these new things..but they're not and its so weird. It's a dull sort of pain that arises whenever I crack a joke and nobody understands it; or when I want to share a random thought with somebody at school, and everybody is off talking with their friends. I feel very alone, Lord.
But you know that, and you know our plan here. So please help me to feel peace in this time of being alone, and help me to use this time to discover more about You.
You are the ultimate companion, Lord. I want to feel that.
Dear Lord, Thank you for bringing us to Japan. Thank you for the sea breeze that reminds me that even all across the world, you've still blessed me with the ocean. Thank you for mornings in Your word that speak more to me than they have in a long time. Thank you for that pot of coffee in the morning...I don't know what I would do without it. 
Thank you for loving me like you do.
I love you so much.

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