Monday, August 24, 2009

The Meek in Spirit

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth" Matthew 5:5

When you think of the word "meek" what do you think of?! Quiet perhaps, or maybe not being strong-willed in certain areas, reserved, ....all these things are what I immediately think of when I think of meek. Now I want to just say that I am not your average "meek" person. I am very strong-willed and passionate. So when I read this verse, I always thought to myself , "Man, I am going to have to change my whole personality or just not be one of those to dis-inherit the earth." But now with further thought, I think that God probably didn't say that, to make us seem all down and self -conscious about our personality. I think if I was using my passionate nature in sinful ways, then I think God would not smile down on that. But at the same time if I was meek, I perhaps would be to reserved and miss a chance to share the gospel. So both natures can be sinful. But God can use my passionate nature for good as well. So why would he say that the meek are blessed?!
Maybe God is trying to tell me to be meek with him. Like a tamed gorilla or something. I still have my passionate nature to use for His glory, but I am meek and trusting with Him. So it is basically channeling my trait for his glory. Man is that a up-lifting thought, I may not be doomed after all.
That was just some thoughts I had. I guess when the thought of not inheriting the earth came to mind, I had to think further about that little tid bit. Because Lord knows, I am definitely not meek.

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