Thursday, April 23, 2015


They say you remember the things you would like to forget and forget the things you want to remember. 
Today was a good day. 
And if what they say is true, then I want to record things about today. 
Because one day, when all I don't remember all the beautiful little things,  I'll want to look back and remind myself of all the golden moments treasured. 

I'll want to re-live mornings snuggling cute babies, and wonderful, productive, quiet moments at the library - alone. 
I'll listen for that silence again, and try (hopelessly) to remember Kanji that I'm only just learning now. 
I'll listen for the echos of still afternoons with Madre and a good book...of casual, passing conversation, and kind words. 
I'll want to remember late lunches curled up on the couch....the way the Sound of Music record scratches over my record player and the feel of the spring breeze through my window. 
I'll look for remnants of warm sunshine and drives down long lotus-field roads with the windows down....and music loud:) 
I'll remember laughing hysterically to myself in the car at everything and nothing at all. Simply overcome with the joy of my situation...and the iced coffee in the cup holder next to me. There's something about the first iced coffee of the season - it's like a right of passage...a beautiful  introduction to summertime. 
I'll think about the complete satisfaction that comes with planting things, and the most adorable little flowers. I put in soil this afternoon. 
Sometimes I just need to plant things and get dirt under my nails. It's therapeutic, I think. 
"I just want to plant flowers where they aren't meant to grow..."

...In a few years, everyone will be much bigger, and I'll want to remember the afternoons at the gym with Wilbur and our joking over oblique twists and foam rollers.  
He's growing up too quickly. And he's turning out to be such an amazing boy...I'm so proud of him. 
I'll think about golden hours in my room with Mickelob - sitting in silence listening to music. Just because we can and we need it. Today it happened to be Julie Andrews and Andrew many good vibes. 
It will be nights at the bowling alley with the littles... how we got way too competitive and laughed hysterically over a medium fry and vanilla shake. 
I'll want to remember that I won;) 

I'll want to hear "Hey Jude" again...with the boys' accompanying at the top of their lungs and with their complete heartfelt emotion.  
That song will never be the same. 

The moments are fleeting, my friend. They really are. 
And when I think how quickly they pass, I'm just so thankful for a Creator who sees fit to fill each moment with such utter beauty and joy. 
He's good. 

I'll try and remember that too....years from now when things may not be exactly as I would have them and I get consumed in the mire. 

I'll remember how good He is. 
And I'll have hope. 
I'll be thankful. 

Until next time, 

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