Thursday, January 1, 2015


Kurashiki, Japan// December 2014

Explode my soul, explode with praise....
What he promised is what he gave

If you go to Kurashiki, go for a whole day or more.
Walk the enclosed shopping street to the historical district and stop at the little street side stand for a cheap, delicious manju. 
Save room for a coffee, or maybe even lunch too...because there are far too many cafes to pass up, and you'll need to indulge you're senses. 
Walk along the river. 
And stop in the handicraft shops along the way...they're full to the brim with unique, handmade, Japanese wares. 
If you go to Kurashiki, go to the Ivy Square. 
Stop by the name stamp shop before the entrance to the Square, and buy a custom name stamp. 
They're kind of pricey, but they're worth it, and the little man is sweet enough to make you spend $50 or more on one. Take it from me. 
Get a piece of hand pounded mochi, and take the river cruise. 
Peruse the riverside the jewelry peddlers, and go to the art museum. 
It will remind you of Europe. 
And as you're walking home under the covered market street, follow your nose to the most adorable little curry house and sit down for a warm, cheap bowl of Japanese curry. 
It won't disappoint. 
And neither will Kurashiki. 

Seishuin Juhatchi Kippu, day 2 - complete :) 

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