Friday, July 5, 2013

city slicker days.

(The best homemade Indian food, and an adorable little boy who thought we were so very interesting) 

(Okinawan sweet potato and mochi pastries, and mikan croissants...a Japanese flair on traditional baked goods)

(My bus ticket and fare to who-knows-where) 


Simple Things: 

- The small hole-in-the-wall curry restaurant where the little Indian owners always smile when we walk in, and seat us at the same booth every time we come. 

- Refreshing conversations with Erin about Jesus, old books, reggae music, and world traveling. All over homemade curry and naan. 

- Iced cafe lattes

- Crab and clam shaped pastries. It's little things like this that completely make my day. 

- Japanese pastries and European pastries alike. 

- People watching through the bakery window while sipping coffee. 

-Getting saluted in the street by an old Japanese man who was dressed like Jay-Z.

- Catching a random bus ride and hoping it takes us home. 

- Being completely anonymous. 

- Running home from the bus stop in the pouring rain. 

- Buying a huge clove of garlic from a small farm stand for Y40 (approx. $0.40)

These are our stomping grounds. Our tiny, city, stomping grounds. The places we go that have become so familiar and so loved.  The places that make this Asian city my home. 
I'm completely content here, for now. And I'm learning to appreciate and absorb all the little joys that come with living in this place. 
The city is not so bad to this beach bum. Especially when there's coffee and good food involved;)

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