Thursday, April 18, 2013


You know. It's definitely wonderful to explore up and down and around Japan...however, I feel that sometimes, it's the unearthing of local treasures that is the most fun. 

Discovering places I didn't know about before, finding diamonds in the rough and being comfortable enough to go to the places that only the locals go. Exploring my town in all it's length, berth, and depth....this is a different kind of adventuring. 

It's finding new stomping grounds.

The other day, I fell in love with my town again. 

Sometimes it seems small and inadequate, but it always seems to prove my notions wrong. 

Behind a small rest home, I found a lovely little beach...15 mins from my house. 

It was low tide, a storm was on the horizon, and a slight chilliness was on the breeze. It was lovely in every sense of the word. It's secluded and different, and reminds me some what of the beaches we used to go to when we lived in New England. 

I'm going to be here a lot this summer...

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